Recognition in the Scientific Community: A List of Articles Quoting Cathoven

Article Title: Large Language Model-Based Artificial Intelligence in the Language Classroom

Cathoven: In this research, Cathoven is used as an objective analyzer to measure the language level of AI-generated content.


Title: Enhancing Advanced Vocabulary Awareness and Use in EFL Writing Through an AI-Based Intervention

Cathoven: Cathoven was the center of the action research. Dr. Joanna Pitura from the Pedagogical University of Krakow successfully used one of our tools to help her English Studies students in Poland improve their writing skills. This academic validation further underscores Cathoven's positive influence on learning outcomes. She presented about the intervention in a conference

Link: (page 18)

Title: Errors in Errors: An Exploration of Grammarly's Corrective Feedback

Cathoven: In this scientific article, Cathoven was employed to assess a set of 40 texts written by L2 English learners. The research demonstrated Cathoven's crucial role in providing an objective and potentially more accurate evaluation of language proficiency, highlighting its importance as a valuable resource for language assessment.


Cathoven played a crucial role in this research as an advanced text difficulty analyzer—the research aimed to manipulate parameters to generate content with varying characteristics. After generating passages, Cathoven was utilized to assess the readability of the text. Passages that closely matched the readability of the original content were selected for further evaluation, and human editors worked to enhance coherence, clarity, and logical consistency.