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What is Cathoven Reading Generator

What is Reading Generator?

Cathoven’s Reading Generator Craft personalized reading materials aligned with targeted vocabulary, grammar, themes, genres, and proficiency levels. We address the challenge of context-lacking exercises. By generating contextual reading texts tailored to practice vocabulary and sentence structures, it offers a dynamic and personalized learning experience for students.

How to Use Cathoven Reading Generator?

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1. When you enter Cathoven Language Hub, you will see a couple of buttons on the left side menu. Click on Reading Generator, and it will take you to it. 

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2. Choose the CEFR level you want your students to practice at, enter the topic, genre you like and the vocabulary list and grammar points that aligns with your teaching goal.
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3. The task will then be put in queue.
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4. Download the text by clicking the “Export”button

Why to use Cathoven Reading Generator?

Contextual Practice

Bridges the gap between isolated vocabulary/grammar exercises and real-world application.

Diverse Content Creation

Creates diverse reading materials aligned with themes, genres, and linguistic elements.

Efficient Teaching Aid

Automates tailored material creation, saving educators time in lesson prep.