How to Use AI in TEFL Classroom?

Welcome to our AI TechTeach Innovator Spotlight series! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Angie White, an accomplished TEFL course trainer with over 18 years of experience as an English teacher. 

Discover how Angie integrated AI into her teacher training, inspiring educators with its transformative impact on educational practices.

TEFL Expertise

Angie is a highly experienced TEFL Course trainer and a private tutor. Her career in teaching English spans across continents, from South Korea to Los Angeles. For the past 8 years, she has been training aspiring English teachers in TEFL courses. She is passionate about helping teachers develop their skills and confidence in the classroom and sharing her insights on teaching English as a foreign language.

How She’s Using Cathoven AI

Introducing TEFL Teachers Tools for Generating Leveled Reading Materials :

“In my virtual TEFL course, I use Cathoven in two ways. First, I demonstrate how teachers can use Cathoven to create leveled reading materials using the Level Adaptor to cater to different levels they may encounter in their class. Second, I dedicate some time during our course to review AI tools such as Cathoven. On this day the students are encouraged to experiment with the other tools on Cathoven such as the Exercise Creator and Reading Generator. Cathoven’s user-friendly model is perfect for those who are getting their first experience with AI tools.

Create Controlled Practice Exercises with Exercise Generator: 

“With my private student, we focus a lot on vocabulary learning. I use Cathoven to create controlled practice exercises with the Exercise Generator to reinforce accuracy before moving on to production tasks.”

Impact on Her Students

Angie’s TEFL students, despite varying levels of tech familiarity, appreciate the user-friendly nature of Cathoven.

“As they prepare to apply for teaching positions, their proficiency with Cathoven gives them a valuable edge to excel as 21st-century educators!”

Why She Loves Cathoven AI

“I love how Cathoven easily generates leveled texts. I have a great tool to share with new English teachers to help them survive a mixed level class- everyone’s worst nightmare. I really love how easy it is to use Cathoven!”

You can follow Angie’s AITechTeach Journey on her Linkedin

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