How to Adapt Reading for Any Grade Level to Fit a Student’s Reading Level

Cathoven AI TechTeach Innovator

Welcome to our AI TechTeach Innovator Spotlight series! We’re thrilled to highlight our next innovator, Neil, a dedicated and experienced K-12 school teacher from Queensland, Australia. Join us as we explore Neil’s journey and the transformative impact of AI in his classroom.

24 Years of Teaching Experience

With 24 years of teaching experience, he is deeply passionate about fostering student learning and growth. He has a keen interest in leveraging AI to personalize educational materials for his students. Neil lives on the Sunshine Coast, right near the beach. Thanks to Cathoven AI, he has more time in the ocean while still excelling in the classroom.

How He’s Using Cathoven AI

Customize Reading Passages to Match Students’ Reading Levels with the

Level Adaptor and Reading Generator

“Cathoven allows me to adapt material for my students in an efficient way, while keeping the tone and rigour of the text. The flexibility of being able to easily adjust reading levels of passages would also provide opportunities to model sentence structure, vocabulary and syntax in efficient, clear ways with my students.

I can also create texts that include the same information but are at different difficulty levels to cater for my students differing reading levels. “

Monitor Students’ Writing Complexity with Catile Level Checker

 “I also use it to track the complexity of students’ writing through through the Catile scale.”

Do Catile scores correlate to Lexile scores?

Impact on His Work & Students

Empower Students to Engage Independently with Texts

His personalized approach boosts student motivation by fostering a sense of achievement and confidence.

“Student motivation comes from success, Using Cathoven allows students to be able to independently engage with texts and learn new information.”


Creating and adapting materials to suit individual needs is no longer a time-consuming task for him.

“Being able to efficiently create and adapt texts frees up my time.”


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