Cathoven AI Innovator Spotlight: Jordy De Temmerman – Using Cathoven to Bridge Educational Gaps in K-12

AI TechTeach Innovator and English Teacher

Welcome to our AI TechTeach Innovator Spotlight series! We’re thrilled to highlight our first innovator, Jordy De Temmerman, an inspiring English and Computer Science teacher from Belgium, now residing in Hong Kong. Discover how Jordy leverages Cathoven AI to create an inclusive, engaging, and dynamic learning environment for his students.

K-12 Teaching Expertise

Jordy’s teaching journey spans across grades 8, 10, 11, 12, and 13, with class sizes ranging from 6 to 12 students, set to grow to 12-15 next year. His dual expertise in English and Computer Science allows him to seamlessly blend traditional and digital learning methodologies, ensuring every student gets the best of both worlds.

How He’s Using Cathoven AI

Jordy uses Cathoven tools to assign the same literary text to the entire class but at varying levels of complexity.

Advanced students receive texts with nuanced vocabulary and intricate sentence structures, while beginners get simplified versions with more straightforward language. This approach ensures that all students are engaged with the same core material, facilitating meaningful discussions and collaborative learning.

Impact on His Students

Inclusive Class Discussions:

With Cathoven, I have been able to engage my students in class discussions about the same subject matter. Because every text retains the same core context, all students, regardless of their reading level, can contribute to the conversation. Students feel included and valued, knowing that their insights and perspectives are based on the same foundational content as their peers.

Bridging the Gap for Students with Limited English Proficiency:

This inclusivity has been particularly helpful for my mainland students who have little English experience. These students often face significant challenges in adjusting to an English-speaking academic environment. By providing them with texts that match their proficiency level but still cover the same content as their peers, Cathoven helps bridge the gap, allowing them to participate fully in class activities and discussions.

Why He Loves Cathoven AI

“CathovenAI is an exceptional tool for differentiating instruction, allowing educators to tailor reading materials to various proficiency levels while maintaining consistent content. This innovative approach enhances student engagement and fosters an inclusive, supportive classroom environment.”

You can follow Jordy’s AITechTeach Journey on his Linkedin

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