Cathoven AI Innovator Spotlight: Dicle Celebi – Using Cathoven for University Course and Test Material

AI TechTeach Innovator, University English Instructor

Welcome to our AI TechTeach Innovator Spotlight series! We are delighted to feature our second exceptional educator, whose innovative approach is transforming English Language Teaching at the university level. 

Meet Dicle Çelebi, an English Instructor at Hacettepe University’s School of Foreign Languages, focusing on Testing and Curriculum development. Her dedication to inspiring students with real-world, up-to-date content is truly remarkable.

Expertise in University-Level Testing and Curriculum Development

Dicle teaches English at every level at her institution but is currently in the testing and curriculum unit of the Modern Languages Department. She oversees ING111 (Fall) and ING112 (Spring) courses. They target all university students enrolled in programs where the medium of instruction is entirely in English, such as those in engineering and business departments. 

How She’s Using Cathoven AI

Dicle uses Cathoven AI to streamline the creation of exam components in Reading, Listening, and Writing for her university courses. She generates texts tailored to specific proficiency levels and creates comprehensive and engaging learning materials.

It also provides me with a detailed CEFR report so that I can be sure if the texts are appropriate level and feel more confident about my work during proof reading.

Impact on Her Work & Students

Inspiring University Students with Real-World, Up-to-Date Content

“Thanks to Cathoven AI, I was able to work on texts that are up-to-date and relevant for my students such as news articles or information about local events, companies, or developments. For example, I used the information on a Turkish engineering company to prepare a Reading text for the engineering students so that they could be inspired in their work.”

“In another exam, I adapted the article of a Turkish biologist who invented a device to collect samples from a lake without disturbing the ecosystem and used it in the exam so that the students learn about it and feel motivated about the scientific work in their home country. I believe that preparing exams for university students matters a lot– it is important to find relevant and up-to-date information as well as inspire them for the future. An English exam they take for an English course should not be just an ordinary exam, but they should learn something new, and get curious about it, and think about what they can do to make a difference. The positive feedback I got from their teachers also inspired me to continue doing my job.”

Why She Loves Cathoven AI

“Thanks to Cathoven, I have more time to plan and organize great lessons for my students!”

About Cathoven AI TechTeach Innovator Program:

“I am very excited to be part of this program and I hope I will make a difference in adapting AI technology to English Language Teaching and education. I believe that making ELT specialists and teachers in the program will enable faster development and progress for AI integration in our work.”

You can follow Dicle’s AITechTeach Journey on her Linkedin

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