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Cathoven Text Analyzer - CEFR

Rate Text Difficulty from Words to Lines

Know your text’s difficulty, discover the perfect read, and streamline lesson planning—all with just one click
Cathoven Catile Checker

Pair Readings to Learners

An Advanced Reading Difficulty Measurement for Native English Speakers.
Purposeful multiple choice, true false, short answer quizzes tailored to your curriculum

Purposeful quizzes tailored to your curriculum

Various question types for reading: 
  • Multiple-choice
  • Short answer Qs
  • Multiple-choice cloze
  • True/False/Not Given
What is Cathoven Reading Generator

Your Personal Author

Tailoring Narratives with your vocabulary, your grammar.
What is Cathoven Video Analyzer?

Video to Text to Detailed Analysis

We go beyond transcribing video content. You will aslo have in-depth analysis and report to determine their suitability for your students’ proficiency levels.
What is Cathoven Writing Reviser?

Your Personal Essay Teacher

No rewriting, but revise and advise.
With just one click, experience seamless spelling and grammar correction, coupled with personalized sentence-by-sentence improvements for refined writing.
Cathoven Level Adaptor

Same content, different levels

Students can all be enjoying the same reading at the right level for them!

Why Choose Cathoven

Unmatched Accuracy in language level analyzing

Our AI-driven language learning platform stands out as the market leader in accuracy.

Exclusive Focus on Language Education

Specialization is key to excellence. Our company is solely dedicated to language teaching, ensuring that every aspect of our product is meticulously designed for language learners.

Developed by Experts in Linguistics, Education, AI

This synergy creates a platform that's technologically advanced, pedagogically sound, and linguistically precise.

AI Tools for Streamlining Teaching Resources

Crafted for easy analysis and improvement of every teaching resource. This covers reading materials, student assignments, and all multimedia, including audio and video.

Hand over repetitive language lesson planning tasks to Cathoven AI

Zero in on understanding your students’ needs.

Our Testimonial

CATHOVEN is amazing! I just discovered it in the summer and use it to create post-reading questions YAY!!!

I am a PhD student in the field of AI. I surveyed the available web tools for generating questions and answers. One of them was yours. I have evaluated all the tools. Yours was the best. I will mention the tool in a published scientific paper and my PhD thesis.

I tried the demo and I really like it. I am interested in CEFR Checker, because we would like to use it for our books.

I create my readings on ChatGPT but even though I tried a lot, it never puts them straight the right level. So I came to Cathoven to change the readings to my students’ levels. Magically works!

I'm a PhD student from Columbia University. I compared Cathoven with other tools .Your CEFR checker got the highest accuracy!!! Your modal can even distinguish the word level according to context.

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