What is Comprehension Questions Creator?

Question creator is an artificial intelligence that helps generate reading comprehension questions. It’s developed by a team of expert linguists and top AI engineers.

By systematically judging the difficulty of the text and analyzing the details of the content, it can quickly generate reading comprehension questions and corresponding answers. You can use it on Cathoven’s smart Ado Hub right away.

Why to Use Question generator?

Thanks to the Question Generator, teachers can focus on teaching and save an average of 90% of lesson preparation time.

Question Generator will generate questions based on the central content and details of the text, greatly saving your time to ask questions and make you understand the text better.

Question Generator can generate many different ideas about your text and may give you more insights, so keep clicking and you’ll be surprised.

Finally, you can easily export your questions to a file and save it using the download feature. Enjoy the benefits!

How to Use Question Generator?

When you enter ADO Language Hub, you will see a couple of buttons. Click on Question Generator, and it will take you to it.

Paste your text in the space on the left, then click the Generate button on the right blank, you will see the questions generated.

If you want to modify your text or regenerate it, you can click the Reset button.

You can select the number of questions to generate on the drop-down menu. There are three options: A few, Many or Tonnes.

When you click the Generate button, you can see generated questions, you can input your own understanding of the answer.

And then click the Check button, the model will judge whether it is true or not.


It’s worth saying, when you enter your answer, even if it is very different from the shown answer, the model can understand the meaning and tell you whether it’s correct or not.


When you want to see the correct answer, you can choose “Show answers.”


You can click the Download button to save these questions and answers. You will see “Choose items” after click the Download button. If you want to have separate page for answers, you can check the boxes.

At least for now

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