What is Level Adaptor?

Cathoven’s Level Adaptor is a groundbreaking tool designed to revolutionise the way language educators provide comprehensible input to learners. With just one click, our Level Adaptor can adapt texts to various CEFR difficulty levels, ensuring that learners receive personalised content tailored to their individual language learning needs. This innovative technology is set to empower educators and learners alike, facilitating language acquisition through the principles of comprehensible input.

How Level Adaptor facilitates comprehensible input?​

Our Level Adaptor revolutionises language learning by seamlessly adapting texts to the appropriate difficulty level. With a single click, it replaces vocabulary, paraphrases concepts, and restructures sentences while maintaining the original information.

Through the Level Adaptor, learners receive texts that align with their current language proficiency, ensuring comprehensible input that challenges and engages them. Our advanced text analysing technology accurately assesses the difficulty of adaptations, guaranteeing that the content satisfies the targeted CEFR level.

By utilizing the Level Adaptor, educators can provide tailored learning materials that optimise the benefits of comprehensible input. Students experience a dynamic learning environment, where they are motivated to explore the intricacies of the language, expand their vocabulary, and improve overall proficiency.

Say goodbye to static, one-size-fits-all materials. With Cathoven’s Level Adaptor, language education reaches new heights, unlocking the full potential of comprehensible input. Experience the power of adaptability and elevate your language learning journey today!

Discover the Level Adaptor and transform language learning now!

How to Use Level Adaptor?

When you enter Cathoven Language Hub, you will see a couple of buttons. Click on Level Adaptor, and it will take you to it.

Paste your text in the space on the left, choose a target level, and then click the Start button.

The task will then be put in queue.

When the red dot turns into a blue dot, click on it, and you will see a “View result” button. Click on this button.

You will see the adaptation.

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