HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) is a test of Chinese proficiency. It is available in simplified Chinese and tests reading, writing, and listening skills.

If you are preparing for the HSK exam, and you want to easily check the HSK level of any Chinese text, the HSK Chinese Text Level Analyzer is your best choice. Cathoven AI created a tool to measure the difficulty of your Chinese text using artificial intelligence technology. You can use it for free* inside Cathoven’s ADO Language Hub.

*free for nonprofit use cases

HSK Levels

The current HSK exam has six levels. To ensure it is more in line with widely accepted international standards of language proficiency, the HSK will introduce an advanced stage in July 2022. The new HSK will be divided into three stages, which are elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Each stage will have 3 different levels, making a total of 9 levels, from HSK1 to HSK9.

Our tool uses the new HSK structure, so you can quickly get a feel for the new HSK level of the Chinese text.

If you wish to work in China, you can provide HSK level to prove your Chinese language proficiency. The higher your HSK level, the more likely you are to get a work visa.

Most Chinese universities require candidates to have a CERTIFICATE of HSK Level 4 as the minimum language requirement for undergraduate degree studies, and a Certificate of Level 5 for postgraduate studies. 

Those applying for Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree must provide HSK6 certificate and those for Ph.D. must provide HSK8 certificate

Why Use HSK Chinese Text Level Analyzer?

Our HSK tool provides you the ability to check the difficulty of any Chinese text, also get the HSK level of every single word, which is a strong auxiliary for the Chinese proficiency test.

For language teachers, it helps to find suitable text for a certain level to use as teaching material.

The same is true for learners. It can also help you efficiently analyze the sentence level of the article, make you more aware of your learning progress, help you quickly improve your Chinese level, and easily pass the HSK test.

How to Use HSK Chinese Text Level Analyzer?

When you enter ADO Language Hub, you will see a couple of buttons. Click on Text Analyser, and it will take you to our Catile, CEFR Checker, and HSK Chinese Text Level Analyzer.

Paste your text on the left side and select HSK on the drop-down menu.

Click the “Analyse” button and wait a few seconds for the analysis. Now you can see the HSK level of your article. When you click on the Click for “details” button, you can see more details.

HSK Chinese Text Level Analyzer will show you the level of your text and vocabulary’s three different aspects: Vocabulary Demands、Vocabulary Coverage and Vocabulary List.

Vocabulary demands is the estimation of the CEFR level where learners would understand 95% of the words in the text. It is rounded to 1 decimal place.

Vocabulary Coverage shows the token and type level of the word covered in the article.

Vocabulary List is the sorting of the words in the article according to the part of POS, HSK level, and COUNT.

If you click the “Customize” button, the vocabulary List Settings will appear. Click the Order by” button and the vocabulary can be selected to sort by Word, POS, HSK level, or Count.

If you select the “Descending” button, the words will be sorted from largest to smallest. If not, the other way around.

You can click the “Download ” button to save these analyses. You will see “Choose items” after clicking the button. If you want to have the English definition and Chinese definition, you can check the boxes.

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