Catile score is an advanced reading difficulty measurement for native English speakers. Cathoven AI presents you the most accurate text difficulty calculator for free! You can use it on Cathoven’s smart Ado Hub right away.

Understand your text 360°

With ADO Language Hub’s Catile analyser, you can measure different aspects of the text. ADO will tell you where your text difficulty lies by reporting four sub-scores. You can use those scores to edit different aspects of your text so it will better fit your target readers.



The words in easy texts have simple sounds and few syllables.

For harder texts, the words have more syllables and complex sounds.

Easy: pot, fish

Hard: glass, complication




The words of the easier text are common and concrete. They are learned at younger ages.

Hard texts have rare and abstract words. The kinds of words that are learned at older ages.



Easier texts have shorter sentences with overlapping words between them.

The sentences are longer in harder texts. And there are fewer overlapping words between them.




There are more repeated words and phrases in easy texts.

Harder texts have fewer repeated words and phrases.

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