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About Us

A high-tech company specialized in language teaching

       We are language teachers and AI engineers. For years we have been working on language teaching and developing learning products.

       Throughout these years we realized teachers and material creators are still relying on outdated tools, repeating tedious lesson preparation tasks day after day – searching text manually, filtering vocabulary, judging the difficulty of text based on feeling, writing reading comprehension questions, etc. Knowing that artificial intelligence technology can complete all these labor-intensive tasks automatically, and free up teachers’ hands, we created Cathoven.

       As Cathoven we have a clear mission: to bring the true power of artificial intelligence into language teaching.

Why do many language teachers choose Cathoven?

Because we understand teachers!

Cathoven uses cutting-edge technology to provide teachers with the best possible service

Created by experienced language teachers

Only language teachers can understand the pain points of the language teachers

The most advanced tools in the language teaching field

The tools developed in Cathoven are pioneers in the market

Teachers can focus on teaching

Teachers save around 90% of lesson preparation time

Our mission is to bring the true power of AI into language teaching


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Our research team is a composition of expert linguists and top-notch AI engineers. We are great at languages and technology!