The Ultimate TOEFL Listening Practice Tool

Try Now For Free Struggling to find TOEFL listening practice materials? We feel you! It’s tough to find good TOEFL listening resources, right? Well, guess what? We’ve got a cool tool that’s about to make your TOEFL listening preparation way more fun and effective! Your New TOEFL Listening Prep Buddy: Cathoven Video Exercise Creator Imagine […]

Improve Your IELTS Writing with Cathoven Writing Reviser

Try Now For Free Preparing for an exam like IELTS is hard, right? Especially the writing part! While everyone else is using AI chatbots to help with their writing, having to write a great essay from start to finish seems unfair! 😊 If you’re ready to take your essays to the next level, our IELTS […]

How to Use AI in TEFL Classroom?

Welcome to our AI TechTeach Innovator Spotlight series! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Angie White, an accomplished TEFL course trainer with over 18 years of experience as an English teacher. Discover how Angie integrated AI into her teacher training, inspiring educators with its transformative impact on educational practices. TEFL Expertise Angie is a highly experienced […]

Meet Cathoven AI TechTeach Innovators

Welcome to the AI TechTeach Innovator Program!

I am a TEFL course trainer with over 18 years of experience as an English teacher and teacher trainer. I have served as Director of Studies, Center Director, and Director of Educational Programs for various English and World Language schools in Los Angeles and have developed online courses for TEFL organizations. English and Computer Science […]

How to Adapt Reading for Any Grade Level to Fit a Student’s Reading Level

Welcome to our AI TechTeach Innovator Spotlight series! We’re thrilled to highlight our next innovator, Neil, a dedicated and experienced K-12 school teacher from Queensland, Australia. Join us as we explore Neil’s journey and the transformative impact of AI in his classroom. 24 Years of Teaching Experience With 24 years of teaching experience, he is […]

Cathoven AI Innovator Spotlight: Dicle Celebi – Using Cathoven for University Course and Test Material

Welcome to our AI TechTeach Innovator Spotlight series! We are delighted to feature our second exceptional educator, whose innovative approach is transforming English Language Teaching at the university level.  Meet Dicle Çelebi, an English Instructor at Hacettepe University’s School of Foreign Languages, focusing on Testing and Curriculum development. Her dedication to inspiring students with real-world, […]

AI TechTeach Innovator

Teaching is a challenging yet deeply rewarding profession, offering immense satisfaction and a sense of achievement. We realize that educators may need thought leaders more than any other industry. Despite their eagerness to learn and empower themselves with the latest technology, many have not yet fully harnessed these opportunities. At Cathoven, we believe in empowering […]

Cathoven’s Detailed Language Levels for CEFR

The CEFR is a universal framework used to describe language proficiency levels, widely employed in curriculum design and language assessment. Cathoven uses AI technology to swiftly and accurately analyze the CEFR levels of texts. Additionally, it breaks down language difficulty into more detailed levels beyond the original six CEFR categories. This article will explain how […]

Comparing ACTFL, the American Standard, with CEFR, the European Standard

Comparing ACTFL, the American standard, with CEFR, the European standard.

The day will come when you need to assess your student’s language level, either to track their progress or prepare them for an exam. Or perhaps you need a method to assess whether the material you’ve sourced for a student is the right fit. Before making a commitment to a particular method, a wise investment […]