An AI tool that can analyze the difficulty of the content, selecting appropriate content for language learners.

Sentence Structure &Verb Tenses Analysis

The only tool on the market that analyzes sentence structure and verb tenses in detail by listing them out instead of just giving a CEFR-level score.

Grammar Analysis

The only one tool on the market that analyzes the suitability of a text for the purpose of teaching particular grammar points using grammar point frequency and levels of difficulty difference between the text.

Unparalleled Detailed Levels

Instead of just scaling from A1-C2 , Cathoven splits 10 more segments for a single level(I.e., the CEFR checker may assign you A1.7 instead of A1). This helps the learners choose the appropriate learning content and enhance the reading and writing ability.

Expert Accuracy

With the largest CEFR words database in the world, combining all the available data from world-renowned institutions,  Cathoven’s database is maintained by high-end AI and constantly updated.

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